Your supplier for wood pellets

You would like to buy wood pellets? You’ve come to the right place! InterRuhr GmbH is a reliable supplier. Whether private customers, commercial customers or industrial customers – we supply our customers with wood pellets at the best price.

Not all pellets are the same. And not every supplier is like the other either. That’s why you can rely on our experience and expertise when it comes to wood pellets.

By trading fuels while optimising distances, we make a significant contribution to actively counteracting climate change. To this end, we only source products from companies that use wood from sustainably managed forests.

Our wood pellets are a natural product and are made from sawdust that is pressed through a perforated die at high temperature without the addition of any auxiliary materials. Due to the low water content, the pellets have a high energy content and do not require more storage space than oil heating. The homogeneity of the pellets ensures very even combustion with minimal pollution. As a pure biomass product, the pellets are CO²-neutral and therefore a very environmentally friendly energy source for reducing the greenhouse effect. The ash can be used as fertiliser without any problems.

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Big bag

In our Big Bags you get 1,000 kg of pellets packed in a reusable bag.

Bagged goods

Ideal for all those who only need a small quantity of pellets or do not have large storage facilities: our bags of 10 and 15 kg each.

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Why heat with wood pellets?

Actually, heating with wood pellets is consistent waste utilisation down to the last gram. Huge amounts of wood waste accumulate in the sawmills of the wood industry, which can be used economically through pellet production. This is not only good for the environment, but pellets are cheaper and more independent to heat than oil or gas.

Another advantage is the possibility of automatic firing. Once the stove is filled, it burns for days without needing to be refuelled because the screw conveyor keeps feeding the right amount into the burner. For the single stove, pellets are available in bags. For pellet central heating, the year’s supply is delivered by silo pumps and stored in the cellar, for example. The storage room should be dry, well sealed and large enough for the calculated consumption.


The advantages of heating with wood pellets

CO₂ neutral - environmentally friendly

Burning pellets does not produce more CO₂ than a tree absorbs during its growth. So pellet heaters also invest in the environment.


Due to the high compression of the wood, pellets require little storage space. At the same time, they achieve twice the calorific value of the same amount of firewood thanks to the wood compression.

Renewable raw material

The raw material of wood pellets grows back. It is a product of the sawmill industry that is processed into pellets!

Easy changeover

When switching to a pellet central heating system, the entire heating system does not have to be changed or renewed. Existing pipes and radiators can continue to be used.


Another advantage is that it can be easily combined with other renewable energy sources such as a solar thermal system. The environmentally friendly combination of pellet heating and solar thermal energy secures you further funding opportunities.